The Gordon Davis Johnson and Shane P.C. (the Firm) Litigation Section is staffed by seasoned attorneys and legal assistants who approach each case as it will go to trial. Our attorneys have a proven track record of finding the best solutions for our clients, from the courtroom to the bargaining table or by helping clients avoid risks without litigation.

When evaluating each case, the Firm strives to accurately understand a client’s position and identify litigation and business options. Working with the client, the Section’s attorneys develop a strategy to meet the client’s objectives, while maintaining a cost-effective plan of service.

The Litigation Section’s practice areas are outlined below:

Appellate Practice

With a specialization in civil appeals, the Section is skilled at representing clients throughout the appeals process. The Section is well-versed in appellate briefing and argument in both Federal and State courts.

Bankruptcy Litigation

The Section counsels clients through the complexities of bankruptcy litigation, drawing on the expertise of the Bankruptcy Section to develop a complete legal strategy. The expertise includes lender liability, fraud, deceptive trade practices and failed investment disputes. The Section has experience in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western, Northern and Southern Districts of Texas, and the District of New Mexico.

Construction Litigation

The Section advises clients on effective legal strategy for construction litigation cases ranging from the financing of projects to contract agreements. Represented clients include developers, contractors and title insurance companies.

Environmental Law

With a respect for the environment and an understanding of business operations, the Section provides counseling on compliance with local and federal environmental regulations and policies. When litigation becomes a factor, the Section works to resolve issues quickly and reach a satisfactory outcome.

Insolvency and Reorganization

The Section assists clients facing insolvency by helping to evaluate options for reorganization, repositioning or sale. The Section’s goal is to help clients preserve assets and reestablish growth.

Landlord/Tenant Litigation

The Section provides representation for both landlords and tenants, giving the attorneys in the Section a comprehensive understanding of issues on either side. The Section addresses all landlord/tenant matters including breach of contract, nonpayment issues and rent control.

Litigation (Business and Commercial)

The Section advises on all business and commercial litigation including employment litigation, contract disputes and debt collection disputes. With many clients from across the border, the Section is skilled in international litigation representing not only Mexican nationals and companies, but also organizations from other countries, coordinating strategy with foreign counsel.

Practicing Attorneys in Litigation

El Paso Texas Attorney Harrel L. Davis III
Harrel L. Davis III
El Paso Texas Attorney Michael J. Shane
Michael J. Shane
El Paso Texas Attorney Morgan Broaddus
Morgan Broaddus
El Paso Texas Attorney Michael G. McLean
Michael G. McLean
El Paso Texas Attorney John M. Dickey
John M. Dickey
El Paso Texas Attorney Rob Edwards
Rob Edwards
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