Gordon Davis Johnson and Shane P.C. (the Firm) has extensive experience with the complex and dynamic nature of U.S. cross-border and international transactions. Clients seeking advice in doing business in U.S., Mexico or across the world are well served by the Firm’s attorneys who can provide business, corporate, transactional, tax and immigration advice for a multitude of clients.

The Firm is equipped with a wealth of experience in traditional international business formation, operation, and mergers and acquisitions in addition to an unparalleled comprehension of the implementation of tax-aware structures for modern international enterprises. The close proximity of the U.S.-Mexico border provides not just exposure, but immersion into the world’s largest trans-border community, creating opportunities to add value and insight in the development of enterprises designed to thrive in the global economy. Our practitioners in this area work extensively with our Firm’s immigration attorneys as well to coordinate in-bound employment visas.

The Section advises clients on the following matters:

US – Cross Border (Mexico-Outbound)

The Firm’s attorneys have extensive experience with regulatory and planning needs for US clients wishing to do business in Mexico. This includes cross border business transactions, maquiladoras (IMMEX), compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection/NAFTA, and transfer pricing issues. The Firm also has experience in assisting clients with the transfer of employees to foreign subsidiaries. The Firm’s attorneys have developed extensive relationships with attorneys in Mexico that allow access to local attorneys in Mexico that have worked with the Firm’s clients on numerous occasions to achieve client operational goals in Mexico.

US- Cross Border (Inbound)

The Firm’s attorneys have extensive experience with regulatory and planning needs for Mexican and foreign clients wishing to do business in the United States. This includes cross border business transactions, compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, NAFTA and transfer pricing issues. The Firm’s knowledge in international taxation allows it to advise on a full range of planning that results in the maximum tax efficiency for a client’s operations. The Firm also has extensive experience in counseling employers in immigration compliance, including I-9 requirements, and defending clients in I-9 compliance proceedings with the federal administrative courts.

International Transactions

The Firm’s attorneys routinely advise on international mergers and acquisitions as well as various in-bound and out-bound transactions that require an in depth knowledge of taxation, customs and transportation and logistics. The Firm’s attorneys have helped numerous US clients structure investments into Mexico and other countries, and have also assisted numerous Mexican and other foreign clients in structuring their investments and businesses into the United States. The Firm has the experience and the ability to manage and advise on multi-jurisdictional operational and tax issues that multinational businesses run into a daily basis.

International Estate Planning

The Firm’s attorneys assist high wealth foreign individuals with appropriate international estate planning, including dynasty trusts, appropriate business structures, tax reporting compliance, as well business succession planning for families that reach across both sides of the border.

Practicing Attorneys in U.S. Cross-Border and International Transactions

El Paso Texas Attorney Patrick R. Gordon
Patrick R. Gordon
El Paso Texas Attorney Robert V. Gibson
Robert V. Gibson
El Paso Texas Attorney Joshua W. Snider
Joshua W. Snider
El Paso Texas Attorney Carla Canales
Carla Canales
El Paso Texas Attorney Cynthia Canales
Cynthia Canales
El Paso Texas Attorney Miguel Munoz
Miguel Munoz
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