The Gordon Davis Johnson and Shane P.C. (the Firm) Government Law Section’s experience and vast knowledge of government law and regulations has resulted in the counsel and representation of government entities such as cities, school districts, housing authorities, counties, special districts and public officials. In addition to solving complex problems with cost effective solutions, the Section provides clients with educational and training services to keep clients up-to-date on the risks faced by their institutions and ahead of the curve in the development of policies and procedures to limit future liability.

The Government Law Section also advises business executives on the impact of governmental policies and regulations on business operations. With an ever-changing and competitive marketplace, the Firm believes a proactive approach of keeping a client informed of ongoing developments in law and legislation can positively impact a client’s growth and bottom line. To that end, the Firm provides advice and counsel to help clients make informed decisions in the pursuit of business goals and objectives.

The Government Law Section’s practice areas are outlined below:

Infrastructure and Land Use

The Section provides legal advice related to land use matters such as platting, zoning and permitting. The Section works closely with the Real Estate Law section to develop a comprehensive strategy and provide the best legal counsel.

Housing Authorities

In representing housing authorities, the Section helps them to continue their mission of serving the community. The Section provides legal advice on a range of issues including compliance of municipal regulations, employment law and finance and bond transactions.


The legal needs of cities are expansive and diverse, the Section assists cities in complying with open records policies, bidding and procurement processes, elections and regulation development, among other needs.


Similar to cities, the Section advises counties in need of external counsel on issues relating to elections, regulations and compliance.

Special Districts

The Section can advise local governments on the development and implementation of special districts to accommodate the unique needs of a community.

Governmental Relations and Lobbying

The Section is a key partner in assisting clients in their lobbying endeavors, developing a strategy that will help them navigate federal, state and local government.

Employment Compliance

The Section advises clients on employment policies, assisting clients in maintaining compliance while pursuing new hires, testing, workforce reductions, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Equal Opportunity (EO) regulations and more. The Section works closely with the Immigration Section and Tax Section to understand changes in related employment laws to keep clients informed.

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